What does rapid activator mean? And how long should I leave my colour on for?

Oiamiga’s Rapid Activator is an innovation that allows for faster processing times (depending on hair type and the result you’re after) and better colour intensity and longevity. Here are a few examples of timings to try:

  • Often, when colouring beards and moustaches, you’re after a more ‘uncoloured’ result. Therefore, you may get away with as little as a 10-minute processing time.
  • Finer hair is likely to be ready in just 15 minutes, rather than the full 30.
  • If you’ve got stubborn, thick or coarse hair, it’s best to go for the full 30-minute processing time. But, with the Rapid Activator, you’ll enjoy better colour intensity with less colour fade.
  • If you’re covering super stubborn grey hair, we recommend you process for a full 40 minutes.