Cost of Living


These days, we’re all feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis. Beauty regimes may have been trimmed back and trips to the salon might become less frequent, or a complete write-off.

But taking the time to pamper yourself regularly can reduce stress, improve self-esteem and boost your happiness. And there are plenty ways to do it on a budget.

Here’s our top tips on cutting costs without sacrificing your beauty regime:

1. Dye your hair at home

When you choose Oiamiga, you’re choosing an affordable hair colour, packed with natural and organic ingredients and guaranteed to leave your hair looking and feeling salon-fresh, without the salon price tag.

2. Use less shampoo

You might have to ease yourself out of the habit if you shampoo every day, but washing your hair less often is beneficial in a few ways. Firstly, your bottle will last far longer, but as a bonus, you’ll also notice your hair feels healthier and your colour stays locked in for longer. Result!

3. Opt for re-useable products

Reuseable alternatives to everyday items such as cotton rounds, cotton buds and even tissues are out there! You can shave down your spend on disposable health & beauty products by choosing these options, not to mention they're a more environmentally-friendly choice!

4. Try re-fillable options

You can often make a saving by opting for refillable versions of products such as deodorants, shower gels and soaps. And again, the planet will thank you.

5. Do your research

Take time to read reviews and shop around so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Did someone say salon-quality results at an affordable price? Yes please!

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